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Quick updates

Happy New 2017! (^_^) Disappearing like this for almost 1.5 years is a special skill ;P But I’m back now! Here’s a quick update of what’s happened since the last post: I did move to a new place. Twice actually. I think I’ll do a quick apartment tour soon, so stay tuned. Visited home three times …

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Cool hidden places in Tokyo – 1


So I was doing some exploring the other day and found this. Hidden right in the middle of normal houses, apartments and mansions. Look, there’s a shrimp there! A real freaking shrimp in the water in the middle of a megapolis!

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Посто про девайсы для увеличения поинтов привлекательности ;D


Beauty appliances in Japan
Heya~ It’s been a while since I posted anything and for that I feel sorry. My main excuse is that I started a new job and it literally drains all my powers… But it’s been almost three months and I started adapting gradually so hopefully things will get back to normal in no time. So today...
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Valentine’s day

Про день Святого Валентина и про приготовление шоколадных вкусняшек ^_^


So as you might already know in Japan girls are supposed to give boys chocolate on Valentine’s day. Sometimes they give chocolate to anyone, including just friends and their family, in this case it’s called giri-choko (

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Cat cafe


So last week I went to a cat cafe with my friends. Japan really loves weird cafes. There are maid cafes, butlers cafes, daytime nap cafes, rabbit cafes… even owl cafes! So basically it’s all just places where you can spend some time surrounded by the stuff you like. And cat cafes are especially popular,...
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Getting your ears pierced


So I’ve had this wild idea in my head for a while. Just didn’t know how to do it in Japan. Obviously at first I checked some clinics in Tokyo, but boy it was pretty expensive to my temporarily unemployed pocket. So finally I found a better and cheaper solution! So, all you need to...

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Hello Work

Somehow (/sigh) it just happened so that I am currently in the process of job hunting. Believe me, it’s not an easy task in Japan no matter if you’re a foreigner or a Japanese! But in this post I wanted to talk about Hello Work, a mythical Japanese organization that claims it will do it’s...
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First one

Alright! I’ve decided to give WordPress a go. Not sure what exactly I’m going to do with it, but oh well a blog is a blog anyway. The main idea hasn’t changed: I just want to be able to share some moments and thoughts with friends and ppl who read me. So let’s see how...
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